Andreas Putz is a graphic designer & artdirector currently based in Salzburg, Austria. He is co-founder of design studio Zwupp and currently lecturer at FH Joanneum in Graz.
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Since 2010, Andreas Putz is a graphic designer & art-director working in the fields of culture and commerce. He is co-founder and creative/art-director at design studio Zwupp - responsibly for conception, creative direction and execution of projects, both in working with international clients as well as small and medium scale local businesses. The focus of his work does not lean on a particular area, as long as he feels sense, sympathy and challenge in the project and the people behind it. Since 2015, Andreas Putz is also lecturer for the bachelor degree course communication design as well as master degree course exhibition design at the FH Joanneum in Graz. Besides that he is working with his team-mates on the football/graphic collective

Selected clients
Nike, Samsung, AUA, FH Joanneum, Red Bull, Szene Salzburg, Österreichische Bundesforste, Creative Industries Styria, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft Wien, Volcom, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Stadt Wien

Teaching & Lectures
FH Joanneum Graz
Bachelor degree Communication Design
Master degree Exhibition Design

FH Salzburg
Positioning of a brand

Adobe Session - Kunsthalle Wien, 2017
Forward Festival - Vienna, Munich 2016
Vienna Design Week - 2013